Passionate about sparkling wines and their connection to everyday celebrations
When winemaker Ashley Herzberg joined CAST in 2019 there was already an established sparkling program. Here at CAST we based our sparkling program on a process of curating wines from regional vineyards. For instance, our Blanc de Noirs from the Napa Carneros region is just the latest vintage of that wine, served at CAST since we opened in 2014.

The launch of our estate sparkling programs was sparked by a combination of Ashley’s passion for sparkling wines, and our team’s desire to be more creative and explorative with our amazing estate fruit. Bringing CAST’s estate fruit to the forefront, we have even more control over the farming, the fruit, and the total process with a final product suited to CAST’s vision of sparkling wine. We believe sparkling should be enjoyed with everyday occasions, not just reserved for formal celebrations.

Sparkling Production Process

When the
estate zinfandel grapes are harvested, we press them immediately off of the skins and the resulting juice is almost pure white. We then ferment this “base wine” until it is dry and employ the Méthode Champenois or traditional method where the wine is bottled with a measured portion of yeast and sugar to promote a second fermentation in each individual bottle. The bottles are then laid down for approximately two years to age before a final disgorgement where the spent yeast is extracted and the wine is topped off with a dosage which can take any number of variations. This method of making champagne originated in France and goes back centuries.

CAST’s inaugural estate sparkling wines from the 2019 vintage include:



Our Blanc de Noirs (meaning white wine from red grapes) produced by adding a dosage of 3 g/L of sugar for viscosity or mouth feel. This falls within the category of an “Extra Brut”. This is a deliciously bright, dry and complex wine that surprises many once they know it is made from the zinfandel grape. Visit product page.








Our Brut Rosé, produced by adding a dosage of 6 g/L of sugar with one percent still red zinfandel to produce a beautiful pale pink color and well rounded palate. The additional body and flavor that just 1% of added red zinfandel create is quite amazing. Producing a full bodied wine that pares well with a variety of food. Visit product page.








Our Brut Nature, a special, limited production wine produced by delaying disgorgement by six months to develop a more complex palate and then adding no extra dosage at disgorgement, merely using a “donor” bottle to top off the remaining bottles. This is the most pure and natural display of the three in terms of its bright acidity and striking flavor. Visit product page.




At CAST Wines, we love sparkling wine and are enthusiastic about presenting it in its varied styles which permit many opportunities for enjoyment on an everyday basis. While great for celebrations, it’s equally suitable as an aperitif, greeting wine, or at dinner, pared with a host of foods. By its nature, sparkling wine is a statement of joy, an ice-breaker elevating any occasion, and a way to raise the glass and take in the moment of connection with friends and family.

Isn’t everyday worth celebrating?

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