Be the Winemaker! You’ll produce 24 cases of your very own custom wine, custom labels, and personalized barrel head delivered to you.

The craft of Winemaking has long been romanticized. Visions of rolling vineyards, beautiful estates, large wooden casks, the smell of the barrel room, storied vintages, and intimate tasting rooms.

So many of our guests have relayed their “dream” of doing what we do, so we created the CAST Custom Barrel Program to make a rewarding and fun experience for those who have the passion for winemaking, and a curious mind. Allowing participants to “drop in” at the appropriate times to move their custom wine along from blending, to bottling, ensuring an enjoyable process, creating a custom-blended wine that can be shared, and have an experience of a lifetime.

The program schedule includes:

The Kick-Off Meeting: meet up with winemaker Ashley Herzberg, and the owner Jack Seifrick in CAST’s barrel room for an extraordinary tasting through all of our barrels wines, sometimes including multiple vintages and barrels of the same wine. The goal is to determine your tastes and preferences for which varietal(s) to include in your custom wine, and a general style.

Design Meeting: sit down with our creative team and start the process of designing your custom bottle including  label artwork, and capsule choices (including waxing), we help you craft a wine that is uniquely yours. We may use a “mood board” process to tease out your inner preferences and help you along the way. There will 1-2 revisions after an initial creative direction is determined. These reviews will be scheduled via Zoom.

Blending Meeting: Back in the cellar, the winemaking team will present you with an initial blend bases on earlier input along with variation based on your feedback. Be prepared for several iterations of measured blends as we hone in on your ultimate selection.

Progress meeting: A visit to the winery to confirm the blend and tweak as needed (sometimes during the process thing change slightly, so this is your chance to double check your initial intuition. We’ll also present the bottle label/capsule design for final approval here.

Back home: Your cases of wine will arrive along with a customized barrel head commemorating your experience. If you desire, we can ship your wine out to multiple address (shipping charges may apply) so you can spread the cheer!

If this sounds like something you or someone you know might in interested in please contact Jack Seifrick at 707.431.1225.


Check out the journey of Custom Barrel winemakers of Kathy and Doug Williams who made a 2021 Pinot Noir!


Program Kickoff with Jack and Doug January 2022 – picking the varietal for the Williams’ custom barrel of wine.


February 2022 – Blending with Winemaker Ashley, establishing the perfect custom blend.


During the blending visit, we kicked off the label design process. Working with Deborah, CAST’s Marketing and Brand Lead, we develop a mood-board that helps move the label design process along.



May 2022 – The check-in with Winemaker Ashley on the blend, taste and adjust if needed.
June 2022 – Winemaker Ashley checking in on the Williams’ Custom Barrel.


August – Bottling day is a celebration! With a vineyard-side lunch and a bottle-waxing tutorial. The Williams will have their 24 cases of custom-blended wines delivered with their barrel head in time for holiday gifting 2022.  AND, the Williams had so much fun, they will be returning next year to develop their own custom branded Cabernet Sauvignon blend!


If this sounds like something you, or someone you know might in interested in please contact Jack Seifrick at 707.431.1225.

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