Rosé of Invocation Label Design
When designing wine labels at CAST, we use a process that leverages the personality traits of the flavors of wine to inform the final label design. This design process gives us the rationale for the design choices we make. And serves as a reminder of the story of the wine when serving or educating our guests.

The Rosé of Invocation has its own unique story as it’s a new, limited-release wine derived from one of our most popular blends, Invocation (70% estate zinfandel, 15% Watson old vine zinfandel, 6% estate petite sirah). But this wine couldn’t be more different! The composition of the wine, its color and flavor influences would evoke a bright and playful design as informed by the tangible attributes of the wine.

The Design Process
The first part of the design process is taking the the tangible, or truths, of the wine and then aligning those truths with word associations:

Rosé of Invocation’s tangible attributes with associations:
Rosé of Invocation:

A mood board that was developed from the association exercise (below). The elements of the board are leveraged to inspire a range of preliminary label design treatments that lead to the final artwork.

During the final label design process we extended the playful and magical characteristics of the wine to the labels by creating two different treatments that work together to create a seamless pattern when racked together. Here is the same process as applied to our other CAST Creative Lab wines.

Rosé of Invocation Mood Board


Rosé of Invocation

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