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Jack & Ann Seifrick+

Jack & Ann Seifrick, Proprietors

Ashley Herzberg+

Ashley Herzberg, Winemaker

Kelsey Malinzak+

Kelsey Malinzak, Cellar Master

Juan Soriano+

Juan Soriano, Farming Director

Barrett Eichstaedt+

Barrett Eichstaedt, Operations Manager

Cayla Friesz+

Cayla Friesz, Assistant Operations Manager

Deborah Harkins+

Deborah Harkins, Brand and Marketing Lead

Kimmy Bailey+

Kimmy Bailey, Tasting Room Associate

Chris Ferdinandson+

Chris Ferdinandson, Tasting Room Associate

Courtney McCahon+

Courtney McCahon, Tasting Room Associate

Joe Opel+

Joe Opel, Tasting Room Associate

Patrice McNealy+

Patrice McNealy, Wine Club Concierge

Dana Herblin+

Dana Herblin, Logistics

Duke The Winery Dog+

Duke The Winery Dog, Canine Concierge

Jack & Ann Seifrick

Jack & Ann Seifrick, Proprietors

One evening back in 2011, our founders were searching for the perfect plot of land to open their new winery. Sitting with a bottle of wine, watching the sunset over the vineyards of a lush site in Dry Creek Valley, the group found themselves spellbound by the scenery – and the name “CAST” was born. Nine years and thousands of bottles later (produced; not consumed), the sight still stops us in our tracks. And when you visit, we know it’ll do the same to you.

Jack & Ann Seifrick can be contacted at [email protected].


Ashley Herzberg

Ashley Herzberg, Winemaker

Ashley graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in Chemical Engineering and the intention to go to medical school. After discovering that her passion was not in medicine, she decided to come to Sonoma County and work a harvest in a winery lab. One harvest quickly turned into an all-encompassing passion and love of winemaking with all the science, art, chemistry, engineering and fun behind it!

She started as a Lab Technician at Owl Ridge and then moved to Lab Manager, benefiting from valuable mentoring by some of the top Pinot Noir vintners in California such as Merry Edwards, Greg Lafollette, Anthony Austin and Scot Covington. Because it was a custom-crush facility with over 40 clients at the time, Owl Ridge provided her with the opportunity to gain the perspective and knowledge that would prove invaluable in her career.

In 2007 she became Enologist and then Assistant Winemaker at Mauritson Winery. She branched out on her own as a consulting winemaker in 2011, making wine for small family owned wineries in Sonoma County. Winemaking isn’t just a job for her; it’s her life. Her two young children are generally traipsing right behind her as she samples vineyard blocks. She loves to garden, cook and travel to wine regions all over the world in her spare time.

Ashley Herzberg can be contacted at [email protected].


Kelsey Malinzak

Kelsey Malinzak, Cellar Master

Kelsey has been making wine for over 6 years all over the world – from New Zealand to California, to Australia, to Japan, and now back in her home state of California. She has spent much of her career in cellars and laboratories, but she has also made guest appearances in vineyards and tasting rooms which has facilitated her growth and knowledge. Her curiosity has only gained momentum over the years, and a few other places she is looking forward to exploring are Italy, South Africa, Chile, Hungary, Austria, and Portugal, but she has not crossed those off her list…yet!

She is excited to work with us at CAST and to learn more about our Dry Creek Valley microclimate and the varietals we make wine from. She finds our experimental perspective and search for the best grower vineyard sites a great undertaking, a fun approach to making wine, and special way to connect with the greater wine scene. Kelsey loves her career in the wine industry because she finds working with her senses and hands fulfilling and dynamic. She especially loves the sense of community and common ground you can find around a bottle of wine.

In her spare time, she loves to cook and bake new and familiar dishes with seasonal produce from the many farmer’s markets in Sonoma County, catch live music, visit art museums, picnic just about anywhere, backcountry camp, swim, and spend time in her ceramic’s studio.

If you ever see her on the grounds or when the cellar door is open on the terrace, come say hi – she loves talking wine and just about everything else!

Kelsey Malinzak can be contacted at [email protected].


Juan Soriano

Juan Soriano, Farming Director

Nobody at CAST has been here longer than Juan Soriano. We’d love to clone him a few times! He’s quite literally one of the most versatile and conscientious contributors on our team. Originally from the Oaxaca region of Mexico, Juan returns to visit his 100 year old mother there each year. Juan began work with CAST helping crush our very first vintage in 2012, before we even had a winery. He joined the construction crew to help build our facilities, then served as cellar assistant, master gardener and now oversees our Grey Palm Vineyard, where he literally tends to each vine by hand multiple times throughout the season. It’s a family affair as well, with Juan’s wife Berta and daughters all having participated in various capacities at CAST. You will know Juan when you see him – he’s the one in purple, working tirelessly, always with a happy smile.

Juan Soriano can be contacted at [email protected].


Barrett Eichstaedt

Barrett Eichstaedt, Operations Manager

Barrett has over 15 years’ experience in the Sonoma County food and wine industry beginning in wine shops and into winery tasting rooms, production, cellar work, compliance, reporting, and management. A thirst for knowledge led him to achieve the first level Sommelier certification as soon as he turned twenty-one and the Level 3 Award with distinction from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust Master of Wine program. As a restaurant General Manager, he experienced the challenges of enterprise operations and an alternate perspective of the wine business interfacing with many small producers, designing wine cocktails, and carefully curating wine lists. This history reflects his passion for food & wine pairings and love of cooking and fine cuisine.

Barrett holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration concentrated on operations and supply chain management and will soon complete an MBA focused on project management. Barrett is a native of Northern California, born in San Francisco and residing in Sonoma County for more than fifteen years. He has diverse experience including professional PADI divemaster and rescue diver certifications and years working for LucasArts in the videogame industry. He loves spending time with his wife and daughter as well as their large extended families. Travelling, an insatiable appetite for all things outdoors and a passion for cooking tasty meals for family and friends fills his spare time.

Barrett Eichstaedt can be contacted at [email protected].


Cayla Friesz

Cayla Friesz, Assistant Operations Manager

About Cayla Friesz – Cayla was born and raised in Indiana. Two years ago, in search of a life beyond the cornfields, she moved to Sonoma County with just her cat, Opal. Cayla brings with her a background rooted in Hoosier hospitality and customer relations. Inspired by her fathers motivation and passionate drive, Cayla prides herself in her hard work and loves to see her ideas come to life.  Jumping right into it, she quickly fell in love with all aspects of the wine industry, from the people involved in it to the winemaking & production. Cayla is excited to bring her midwestern charm, fresh ideas, and winery-operation chops to CAST, focusing on supporting its membership.

Cayla loves exploring new (and old) restaurants in Sonoma County, farmers markets, catching live shows, horseback riding, cooking, hiking, and rambling along the Coast. You will often find Cayla hula hooping at a local park, biking through town or with camera in hand, photographing her culinary creations, plants and wildlife.

Currently her favorite CAST wines are the DeBenedetti Chardonnay and 2021 Pét Nat of Pinot Noir.

Cayla Friesz can be contacted at [email protected].


Deborah Harkins

Deborah Harkins, Brand and Marketing Lead

Deborah Harkins has 16 years invested in the marketing/creative space. She has held various design, creative, art, brand, and management positions with companies such as eBay, The Men’s Wearhouse, Mezzetta Foods, and Shutterfly. Prior to entering this field, she worked in anthropological and archaeological research.

In November, 2020 she joined CAST Wines, where she now holds the position of Brand & Marketing Lead, overseeing creative work for new customer acquisitions, retention graphic design, and brand strategy. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Anthropology from the University of California with an AA in Graphic design and Illustration for the Natural Sciences. Deborah resides in northern California and loves a whole cluster pinot noir.


Kimmy Bailey

Kimmy Bailey, Tasting Room Associate

Born and raised in Santa Rosa, Kimmy shares a love for the beauty and grandeur of Sonoma County. After graduating with her BA in Journalism and Communications, she took her first opportunity for adventure by moving to Dubai, UAE. Living abroad for the past 7 years and traveling to over 60 different countries as an Emirates flight attendant, she’s believes there is no place like home. She loves meeting new people, swapping stories of adventure and of course enjoying wine (especially CAST Wines). She views wine and food as one of the great arts of humanity. Creating and maintaining relationships over food and wine is a strong bond. When Kimmy is not working, she is creating in her studio (aka the garage) with multiple mediums of art, gardening, cooking, writing and dancing around with her husband. Come visit and share stories with her.

Kimmy Bailey can be contacted at [email protected].


Chris Ferdinandson

Chris Ferdinandson, Tasting Room Associate

Chris Ferdinandson was born and raised in beautiful Sonoma County. Chris was an arborist in the family business but was inspired by the natural beauty of the rolling vineyards stretching along the redwood groves to the ocean, to try his hand in the wine industry. And here he can focus more on his people-skills as opposed to his climbing skills.

In his free time Chris likes to spend time with his daughter, play basketball and golf. You can see him do stand up and host trivia shows all over the local area at night, he’s be happy to let you know where is next show will be!

His favorite CAST wine is Old Vine Zinfandel paired with a delicious summer-time BBQ.


Courtney McCahon

Courtney McCahon, Tasting Room Associate

Courtney was born and raised in gorgeous Santa Cruz, California. Though she has five siblings, she is the one known for being the extroverted-free spirt in her family! Coming from five generations of floral growers, she’s a natural in the appreciation of  farming and viticulture. Courtney lived in Perth, Australia, and loves to travel when she can. And even when she’s not traveling, Courtney loves being on the go, trying out new local restaurants, and cooking and pairing wines with some of her favorite foods like Italian, Japanese, and Mexican.

Courtney loves contributing to the CAST team with energy and creativity. Her most favorite part of working at CAST is hosting guests, she loves being around others and learning about their unique experiences. Courtney is inspired by CAST’s winemaker, Ashley, and her ability to try creative techniques to make a variety of delicious wines that she enjoys exploring. Currently, Courtney’s favorite CAST wine is the 2021 Pinot Noir Pet Nat!

She has a Pomeranian (child) named Zara, and graduated with her BA in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas. Rock Chalk!

Courtney is looking forward to hosting you here at CAST.

Courtney McCahon can be contacted at [email protected]es.com.


Joe Opel

Joe Opel, Tasting Room Associate

Joe Opel, AKA “Saturday Joe,” is a native of Sonoma County and has, with his wife Hilary, raised three children here. During the week Joe works in corporate sales, but on the weekends, Joe stretches his creative side with culinary explorations and wine pairings. What started as a hobby of cooking for his friends and family, has evolved into a formalized approach to recipe development for CAST’s Wine of the Month Program.

“Having fun, laughing, traveling, and sharing experiences are what life is about! ” Joe is at the winery on Saturdays and looks forward to hosting you – please come by, introduce yourself, and let Joe know your favorite food and wine pairings!

Joes favorite CAST Wines are 2018 Incantation and 2019 Estate Zinfandel.


Patrice McNealy

Patrice McNealy, Wine Club Concierge

Patrice McNealy is CAST’s wine club concierge, handling all of the details for each release. It’s Patrice who gets your calls or emails when you want to customize your shipment. She’s also the person who answers member questions about the wines or suggests parings or just helps solve problems. Patrice is uniquely equipped to handle stressful inquires. A Michigan native, she was a 911 dispatcher for 12 years and also spent time the corporate world. Prior to CAST, she was a wine club associate at Peju in Napa, and then the wine club manager at MacRostie.

Patrice and husband Barry, who also helps us sell some wine, are long-time friends of Ann and Jack, having visited CAST many times and enjoyed the wines over the years. So when the opportunity to team up came along during the pandemic, it was a natural fit. She loves interacting with members and establishing great friendships along the way. Throughout her career, customer service has always been number one.

Patrice and Barry have nine children, and 15 grandchildren. When not babysitting or working with our members, she loves gardening, spontaneous road trips, tending to “Ilove” tree from which she makes brined olives and olive oil. Her standard reply when asked how she’s doing is “living the dream!”, and likely enjoying a glass of her favorite Invocation on her front porch in Healdsburg.

Patrice McNealy can be contacted at [email protected].


Dana Herblin

Dana Herblin, Logistics

Dana Herblin oversees logistics for our members’ wine, making sure that shipments arrive where and when they are supposed to!

The past couple of years have proven to be challenging as UPS and others have become so busy, but with her many years of experience in customer service, Dana is up to the task. She understands the importance of tracking and protecting our wines as they make their way to happy members. Dana and her husband Jim, both lifelong Texans, actually take care of many administrative tasks for CAST from their small accounting firm in Dallas. Dana looks forward to joining us for harvest one day and stomping some grapes!

When not tracking down orders, she and Jim enjoy the outdoors, traveling, spending time with their 11 grandchildren and relaxing with her favorite bottle of CAST Wines, currently our White Zinfandel!


Duke The Winery Dog

Duke The Winery Dog, Canine Concierge

Duke, the Polish hound officially arrived at CAST Wines to fulfill his dream of becoming a winery dog in August of 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. From guiding guests on tours to walking the grounds and saying hello to guests in our Tasting Room, he takes his work very seriously. He does also make sure to take breaks for belly rubs or a nice ear scratch throughout the day.

Be sure to say hello to Duke should you run into him on the CAST Estate and he will be sure to greet you with plenty of enthusiasm.

Read more about Duke here!